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Tradicional wallpaper:


Cut a strip of wallpaper from the roll using the height of the wall plus 5 cm. on each side.

Draw a straight vertical line on the wall using the wall corner as a reference.

Apply the wallpaper paste to the back of the paper and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

In order to make the paper easy to handle, fold it from the edges to the middle.

Begin by affixing the paper at the top (leaving 5 cm. added at the beginning) and using the vertical line previously drawn as a reference to keep the wallpaper straight.

Next smooth the paper from top to bottom using a brush and a clean, dry rag.

Use the same process with the rest of the strips of wallpaper.

Trim any remaining ends with a cutter.

It is important to keep the room well ventilated for faster drying of the paper.

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